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For more ideas and inspiration on living fully, check out the resources below.

A compelling article about how talking about death can make you happier and help you lead a better life.

A hospice whose mission is to change the experience of the dying and create a space for living.

Their "Before I die" project aims for people to reflect on their lives and share their aspirations.

Death Cafe is a global movement where strangers meet for tea and cake at local cafes and discuss death and dying.

This playlist of Ted Talks offer new ways of looking at death and reflect on how we live our life.

A terminally ill patient's plea to his loved ones, specialists, caregivers, and doctors to discuss his death, and death in general with their families.

The Conversation Project has great resources and tools so that you can important conversations about death with your loved ones & caregivers.

A story about German photographer Walter Schels and his "Life before Death" project, where he recorded interviews and photographs of subjects in their final days, and after their death.

A series of 2 minute stories, shared from across the globe, that inspire and show what it is to be human.