Let's live better.
So let's talk about death and what we want ours to look like.

Share Your Bucket List

Get together with friends and family and share your aspirations and reflect on you life and legacy. Then start checking off things on your list!

Have the Conversation

Talk to your loved ones about what you want you final days to look like. There are things far more important than a will. Do you want a DNR? Who do you want to make care decisions for you? This resource will guide you through the conversations ahead.

Assign Your Substitute Decision Maker

Now that you've talked about your wishes, decide on who you want to make decisions about your care if you no longer are capable. Make sure they know your what you want, and record who they are and where they can find important documents they will need.

Write Your Obituary

While it may seem daunting, writing your own obituary sheds a light on what's important, who you love, who loves you, and who you are as a person. It reminds us that we have a finite time on this earth, and that we should be spending it doing what matters to us.

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